It's Zine Quest season!

"The Sonders" coming to Zine Quest 3

Hello all! And thanks for being a member of the mailing list!

First - thank you for making Rogueland a fun and successful endeavor. Seeing and hearing all of the positive reception and kind words that people have shared makes tackling future projects that much more exciting and humbling. Very much appreciated!

With that, our next project is in the works! It’s going to be a fun and useful RPG zine full of interesting character’s and their lives that make them…them.

The Sonders

A system-neutral RPG zine outlining a collection of persons and their circumstances that brought them to where they're at - a supplement focusing on options for meeting and interacting with NPCs.

Included in the zine will be twenty unique NPCs, each with their own short backstory and tables to generate relevant equipment, desires, failures, fortunes, adventure opportunities, and more. Each character illustration will be focused around Louis Rhead’s 1912 illustration series, “Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band”.

The project will be launching on February 1st 2021, so head over to the Kickstarter page to get more details and be notified when it goes live:

We’re excited to get this thing going! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see some of the interesting things to come!