Physical copies of Spoor and Rogueland

Spoor physical copies now available! Rogueland reprint almost here!

Hello there! The Caverns of Heresy design bench has been churning out some cool stuff lately, and I’m excited to give an update on what’s available right now and what’s to come…


You may have seen some of the posts about my recent business card game, called Spoor. It was initially made for the insanely popular Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG jam (you should definitely check out the entries…some really creative and fun stuff). Since then, I’ve been working on getting physical prints of the card and I’m happy to announce that those are now available at You can also get the free PDFs and read some of my thoughts on the design decisions at


Seeing people post their shelfies of getting the game, hearing stories about running it, and the positive reviews and reception of the first printing of Rogueland has genuinely surprised me. The first run sold out from online retailers really quickly, and I’ve been working on getting another printing.

With that, I’m happy to announce that the second print run is finished and currently headed to online retailers now! This second printing doesn’t have any material changes to the content, however, it does have a few updates:

  • New custom title font and back cover character sheet that was made by my good friend Phil (@phlvxvs).

  • Similar to the first copies, there will be updated Player’s Sheets included in all copies. These new Player’s Sheets are small single fold pamphlets and use Phil’s new character sheet as well as some player facing references.

You can find the full list of upcoming retailers and updated game files here:

Head on over to to pick up a copy of Spoor, and be on the lookout from the usual online retailers to add Rogueland to their shop in the coming days-weeks.